Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PREX Class No. 8

I've been out this past weekend but feels more refreshed than exhausted. I attended a Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) and stayed inside a hall for an estimated total of 30 hours: 4 hours on Friday, 14 hours on Saturday, and 12 hours on Sunday. Exhausting? Yes. But refreshing for the human spirit.

Together with some Magnificat Chorale members, I joined the rest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish's community in renewing my vows as a Catholic, remembering past hurts, and reconciling with the Lord, with my self and with my fellow human beings.

It was tough sitting for long periods of time especially when you have nothing else to do but absorb every speakers' sharing about the Church and their personal experiences. But with the grace of God, I triumphantly endured the long talks.

After this meaningful weekend of spending time with the Community, I feel light. Past hurts were forgiven and things got reconciled. I was finally freed from a deep-set burden. Ah, the sense of liberty! It is not like any recollection I've attended during my school days; I say it's a modified retreat.

Picture taken here.

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